Disk Imaging Program

 How about making a Disk Imaging Program?  A good example of this is Macrium Reflect.  I've tested it and it's fast and simple and it has a free version.  My only gripe with the free version is that I can't make folder backups, only disk images.  I know Comodo already has Comodo Backup but if you can make a disk imaging program with the features of Macrium Reflect, it would be great.  

 Just to give you an idea of how fast Macrium Reflect Free is, I made a disk image of my drive with 60GB of data with compression set to normal.  It took 37 minutes.  Of course, I've read that the compression engine they use is licensed.


Hmmm. If it was able to clone from a floppy, support more than just XP up, and not have massive RAM needs, I would be all for it.

I’ll second that.


does the free version of macrium let you create a boot disk to restore the image? if comodo made a disk imager that would be my wish b/c that option is usually only in the paid versions


 Yes, it does.  You have the option of using the Linux version of the boot cd or the plug-in for a BartPE cd.  Tried them both and they work.  The full version has the WindowsPE version and is not available for the free version.  I use Macrium Reflect Free for all my disk imaging tasks as it is very easy to use.  It would be great if Comodo could make something like Macrium Reflect Free but with the option of also making folder backup images aside from full partition or disk images.


yea. i’ve been reading up on it. i’m going to try it. hope comodo makes one in the future.


I would like Comodo to make a disk imaging program too.

Can be called:

  • Disk Imager
  • HD Restore
  • Perfect Backup
  • Compete Restore