Disk error

Hi all

I have this problem that comodo hangs the system, I think
When I check event viewer there are always a disk error and cavv.exe error.
Also when I do a scan and when a disk error appears comodo never ends scanning the file that it’s scanning.

My system is a Windows 7 64bit
My disk a Neutron GTX 120

Which version of CIS do you have?

Also, does it always stop when scanning the same file?

The latest one
When I do a full scan yes, but when the computer hangs i dont know, but I think it is the same file but can’t confirm

Are you using V5 or V6?


Please let Windows check the integrity of the file system: How to use CHKDSK (Check Disk) | Windows 7 Forums . This will repair possible errors in the file system. When the errors keep coming back let is also scan for bad sectors and get them repaired.