Disk Encryption Questions

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Hi I have some few questions for you guys about your disk encryption software. But first i just want to let yall know that I’ve been using comodo’s firewall now for more than 2 years, so I’m trusting comodo to secure me against all attackers online. Anyway, I have been searching for an excellent data encryption for few days now for some reason. Since i’m now going to work with some small company that will get me involve into loading/storing some important files to my private computer and that encrypting my HD is now not an option. Considering that im also going to upgrade my OS to windows 7 ultimate which also includes another encryption software, now tell why would i rather trust comodo encryption than other software encryptions ?. My security questions: Is there any possibility that comodo can still keep track of any activities done with the disk encryption? Is comodo’s disk encryption stores passwords to computers RAM? Another obvious question, is comodo encryption can withstand dictionary-based attacks? Pardon me if i ask too many questions, but since i dont have any capabilities of testing it my self i would like to hear it from the maker/programmers/coders/testers themselves. Thanks alot for taking some time reading and hopefully for answering my questions :-TU

W ??? W i got no reply or whatsoever >:( :cry: