Disgusting Spam from ***@***.com [RESOLVED]

Since joining this forum, I get loads of the following in my email:

from: “Welcome to Comodo Forum” <@.com>

You have just been sent a personal message by Dean Kelly on Welcome to Comodo Forum.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:


I tried to report to moderator, but it won’t let me report my own post.
The picture did not show in my email, btw, but you deal with it.

BTW, this is the same email address that sent me my username and password for this forum after I registered.

And no one responded to my post or welcomed me with anything other than pornspam, so I won’t be using comodo.

Guess I found out what this firewall is all about?

It doesn’t make sense why a Comodo forum admin would do this.

puddingalien: Clearly, this is unacceptable. I can guarantee you that none of the admins or mods have sent you this email - in fact, the mods make a concerted effort to personally welcome all new posting members.

Previously we had some issues with a spammer and have since upgraded our bulletin board software, but other routes still exist for spammers. We’ll investigate this further now. (You’ll also note I have also deleted the image you posted as well as the full email addy to prevent crawlers from picking it up.)


Sorry to hear this. This was an issue that came about a while ago and has since been dealt with. You received this to your own email because you have the option to be notified by email selected under your Comodo forum profile.

A number of security measures were introduced to stop this happening again - it was actually a spambot written to click every send a PM button to post the pictures to every member of the forums.

Again sorry, and I understand if you decide to not come here again, but it was not Comodo’s fault and they did everything they can to stop it and clear it up.


puddingalien: Again, our apologies.

As others have mentioned, this was an incident a while ago and we have taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
The email you received was notification of a new PM - which in this case, happened to be the spammed content.

Evidently, we missed deleting this message to you - it was originally sent on July 30th. We apologise for overlooking to remove this message, and we assure you we’ve done all we can to prevent this happening again.

There are other threads in ‘General Discussion’ that will explain further details of the incident.


Hi Pudding and welcome, I concur with Mike and this issue took the highest priority and was resolved quickly.

And no one responded to my post or welcomed me with anything other than pornspam, so I won't be using comodo.

It is truly unfortunate , but the possibility is there for this to happen on most of the forums out there. It just so happened to hit here this time :-[ I apologize that you were involved in this.

Please reconsider using COMODO as they have some of the best security products available. We are here to answer any questions that you have and please feel free to jump in on some of the current threads in the forums.


Thank you, everyone, and thank God no one was in the room when I opened that!

What was even more unsettling was how, because of the way it was sent, it seemed that the spammer aparently knew my password to the forum, as in, here’s your password and now here’s a naked guy, too…

Well, I’m glad to hear it’s being dealt with.


I understand as well but I don’t think your password was in danger in my opinion. My Comodo ■■■ get sent to my sign up email as well automatically. Did you in fact get any PM from any one else? You will probably recieve a copy in your email as I do. I’ll PM you a quick message to test this. I haven’t been here that long but I will fully back the Comodo team as they always do their best to get rid of this garbage. Just to note, this has also happened on other forums like Cnet, among others as well. Unfortunately just like security whether in real life or internet based, pc based, the bad guy is always one step ahead. The reason I conclude for this is simple, they have no life, lol. While most work and as the Comodo team have a real job, these types simply spend all their time scheming. A shame for sure. But as I stated, the Comodo team here is excellent and I will stand behind them 100%. It’s great here and great software. You feel like family here instead of a visitor, absolutely wonderful. I will PM you and you should recieve a copy in your email.



I to had disgusting email after I signed up for the forum plus there are four messages for me on the forum that I know contain one dirty picture. Not very good is it Comodo.

Hi Penn,

I understand how do you feel as the moment you signed up, 4 ■■■■ messages arrived at your Inbox. Trust me, I do understand as I just registered a day earlier than you. At first, I was kind of mad, but after going through the forums, I get the whole picture.

As stated by others, porn and spam are not unique to Comodo. I thank myself now for not lashing out at Comodo the moment I see those messages. Seriously, they have cleaned the mess up and did whatever they could. Therefore, I believe it would not do any justice to them by just lashing out, right. I hope you can get a better understanding of the situation.

Yours truly,

Hi guys,

If you know of somewhere which has any images, spam or any other inappropriate material click the report to moderator button at the bottom of the post or contact a moderator or admin. This will be dealt with accordingly and the spammer blocked as far as possible.

Also, you can now report a PM to an admin if you receive any obscene, spam ■■■ etc.

Again sorry, but this hopefully is now a closed issue.


Thanks Doomscythe for your reply. I think that Comodos products are great and have no gripe with the company itself. I guess that i got such a shock to see such rubbish on my messages.

You’re welcome. Just feel free to drop any of your thought regarding Comodo in this forum, be it a compliment or criticism. This is a very friendly forum and all feedbacks are welcomed.

Yours truly,

p/s: Though sometimes a few of us would go out of topic in certain threads. Just ignore the goons like us. :stuck_out_tongue:

EH hemmmm… (:AGL)




Yours truly,