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Why don’t you do it in a systematic and perhaps automated way, as I think other manufacturers do?
I don’t think users have to report it all the time to hope the detection rate will increase.
Then of course everyone is free to do it and this is an asset that improves the detection rate.
In using Comodo I have noticed that almost all the samples on this website are unknown to you.

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To clarify, Comodo does have an automated system for generating Signatures put in place, as all other vendors do. Comodo does not rely only on Forum submissions to Blacklist samples, this would be rather amateurish and irresponsible on their part.

Comodo company, as all other AV vendors have Crawlers/Bots searching the Web for Malware samples, as well as new Applications for the Whitelisting procedure. They also have 3rd-Party sources such as Virussign.com and a few others. Also Valkyrie File Verdict Service is used for generating CAV Signatures, as well as VirusScope Behavioral Detections are later added to Comodo Cloud as AV signatures.

The reason for CAV Detection Ratio being rather weak when compared to competitors is because it lacks a more efficient Generic Signatures system. In other words they seem to be Blacklisting mostly the specific files itself, rather than a code string that is being used in multiple samples of the same family. To have a better Generic Signatures system more money investment would be required. Comodo CEO don’t seem to view Detection based technology as the solution to the Malware problem, you can read this topic for more information. In other words Melih thinks that investing into AV Detection would be like literally burning money.

If you aren’t satisfied with CAV Detection then you can use Comodo Firewall (includes all CIS Proactive Security layers) alongside a 3rd-Party AV with stronger Detection. Complaining in a Topic meant only for processing file submissions will lead to nowhere.

Sorry for the out of topic. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this important information that helps me understand the value of Comodo, hoping to return to using it soon on my PC. :wink: :-TU

There is already a Wish Request for Harvesting samples from Bazaar Database website but like I said even if they start doing a partnership with MalwareBazaar, don’t expect a huge increase in Detection Ratio, since most of the samples uploaded there will still be Undetected if there is no enhancement to Comodo’s Generic Signature system.

You can easily tell they have very few Generic Signatures due to the size of the Full CAV Database, around 490MB recently, when all competitors have their AV Bases at around 70MB-200MB range.

A Stronger Detection Ratio will only come with further money investment from Comodo side and I doubt such questions can/or will change simply through Forum complaints.

report or submit malware and others applications help users and prevent upload via CIS


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It should also be noted that the AV Lab Analysts are there just for processing Malware or False Positive submissions, they have no voice or power to improve AV Detection Ratio due to the above explained reasons. Let’s continue with the purpose of this Forum section and please don’t disturb AV Lab Analysts.