Discussion of Vista service pack 1

Downloading and installing now


I though it was release in March?

Now you can get it through windows update :slight_smile:


I did not know that they were taking so long to release it through Windows Update. :o
They released SP3 for XP within a couple of weeks.


when I HAD Vista, SP1 was offered to me through windows update in March!


??? hmm, so then let’s change the titel, vista service pack released in the other languages ? As it was origionally was for english, french, and the other 3 big languages.

Lock the thread ? Or shall we use this just for discussion


We can use this for discussion, no reason to start a new one :slight_smile:

Anyways I run Vista Ultimate English, installed SP1 as soon as it was available through Windows Update in English. I had some activation problems, so an hour and a half later after talking on the phone with a Microsoft rep, they gave me a new key and it worked. No problems since then.

Not sure exactly why my copy of Vista decided it wasn’t genuine anymore :-\

Sending it to a crack site won’t do you any good justin 88)

anyway it’s seems to delete a bit faster in service pack 1