Discussion about reduction in size of AV database

The pressure is on! The CEO has said it ;D :-TU

Will see…just wait and see what happen the time is starting right now because I’m watching you Melih :wink:

What color tshirt am I wearing then?:slight_smile:

Color? I can do better than that, it’s a picture of your pet Komodo Dragon :wink:

Melih this is not about your color fancy t-shirt you’re currently wearing and beside I don’t care if you’re wearing a hippy 1960 t-shirt (peace man!), currently we are speaking about you’re AV database file because you said it for the record on Comodo forum.

That’s what I mean I’m watching you Melih to make sure you deliver your promise is a commitment that you will reduce the database size to generic signature, or whatever promise is a promise to set the record straight because Avast have done their AV generic signature nearly 4 years ago and this means you are falling behind.

Couple of days ago I saw the following post:

To add to the conversation about how often CIS gets a full database. With v5.x it was every 10-14 days from what I recall. I did not systematically observe this though. With v6 I saw an update on one of my systems getting incremental av definitions after not having been updated for 17 days.

Ha ha ha LOL! ;D :-TU

Not only the Comodo staff make great products and offer them for free… They also make us laugh… Can’t get better than this… ;D :-TU

lets see what happen with virus signature data base file?

Yeah the big Q here by how much it will be reduced?

Let see if Comodo can beat Avast AV generic signature VPS database file size is 90.7mb which is a total of 4,766,759 virus definition :wink: compare to Comodo non-generic signature database file size is 154mb which is a total of 20,394,599 virus definition.

Good luck Melih it seem like you’re pet Komodo Dragon is running of coal without fuel you don’t get any hot flame coming out of the poor Komodo Dragon mouth ;D ;D Oh well I guess it’s to bad ;D :wink:

geeez…chill out dude :)…its just a joke…We all have generic AV signatures…your assumption that we dont have generic signatures is wrong. We have a very powerful generic signature platform based on C language (very powerful)....thats not the problem...:) Just chill and watch` us :wink: guys are on it…

any date for generic antivirus signature update? 8)

Last 3 years!!!
Thats how long we had a generic signatures!!!

I think he wants to know when signatures are going to start decreasing in greater number… ;D

Melih, why don’t you put complete database in the cloud?

Siketa - Only CAMAS detections for unknown files uplauded by all CIS installations are in the cloud (later in local DB). Also if you uplaud binary to camas.comodo.com if gets detected as suspicious + or ++ then (30 min later) do cloud lookup you’ll see UnclassifiedMalware@1 or TrojWare.Agent.Trojan.Gen…

But my idea is to move complete signature database from PC to the cloud and use CAV as Panda Cloud or Immunet…
Maybe hardware is the problem…

Don’t forget Comodo Cloud Antivirus. Plus putting all defs in cloud as you pointed out need huge h/w infra.

we have it already :slight_smile:

but not everyone has always on connection…so its a limited market for now…

we’ll launch a cloud av too…we already have the technology …

Uhh…can’t wait to get my hands on it…bring it on!

any news when we will get that antivirus with cloud technology ? :a0