Discussion About Ads Which May Not Be TrustWorthy

And this is something we’re supposed to trust? I have been a Firefox user for a long time now but have since found little things to niggle me (not too bad but fancied a change) so was thinking of giving Dragon another whirl again without sacrificing security…

Taken from the other post on this PrivDog

No malware and unwanted downloads here, our friends on the AdTrustMedia compliance team strictly review all ad content prior to its release on the network. No more toolbars or other software clogging up your browsing experience with junk.

Still on the fence here.

Hi AyeAyeCaptain,
It is still relatively new, I would expect a couple little niggles to appear. :slight_smile:
Issues are being corrected very rapidly.
IMO, it is a very good extension.
Would have been much easier to build an adblocker without caring for Publishers

Kind regards.

Actually, I’ve had no issues since I reported these. That said, I keep my eyes open, and will report any suspicious ads I see.

Thanks Captain… (for the link as well, gives me a much more better understand as to why i should use it!) and Chiron.

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Gonna give it a try now.

No need. I split this into its own topic.

You are welcome, the following links are also informative.
PrivDog-Who can you trust?