Discerning between Network Zones

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I just connected to the internet today and I found 2 separate alerts for different Local Area Networks; one shortly after the other as I did. Comodo Firewall had obviously accepted them and was looking to name them something. I am wondering whether one is falsified or not. I looked in My Network Zones and this is pretty much how it reads:

Loopback Zone
IP In 127…/255…

IP In 192…/255…

IP In 169…/255…

Why might there be 2 more connections than I am using? How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again if these are a security risk?#


G’day spacepigs,

The three networks you’ve identified are OK.

The 127.X.X.X network is the local loopback, which is like an internal network between processes running on your PC. This is commonly used by browsers, email software and security software.

The 169.X.X.X is the APIPA network range. This is sort of a temporary address assigned to your network adaptor when the adaptor is set to acquire an IP address automatically from a DHCP server on your LAN (usually your router or modem/router) and it can’t contact the DHCP server to get its address. To keep the interface “alive”, it is assigned an address int he 169.X.X.X range.

The 192.X.X.X address is the one actually assigned to your network adaptor, probably after is finally conacted the DHCP server on your LAN.

All three are OK and can be set as Trusted Networks.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. These are the same answers to the same questions you asked in July.

La plus ca change, la plus sa meme. 88)

Ok thanks very much for taking the time to reply there. I think the questions were similar but not the same.