Disbled PD, but I think it didn't change internet settings back...?

After Comodo installed PD on my computer a few days ago I noticed a couple sites I regularly go to were having some problems. The first time I noticed something (what I’d call) very strange was on Facebook… while playing FarmVille. The page kept on reloading and small pop-up windows continuously kept popping up and disappearing. The little PD icon in my (Firefox) browser had a red number by it that kept rising while this was happening. I could only presume that whatever was happening was due to Privdog. So, I disabled it in Firefox. Even though I had it disabled - I was still experiencing these problems.

Then I went to YouTube. Anytime I tried to make a comment on a video, or like/dislike a comment, or reply to other comments - I’d get a Google+ pop-up saying there was a 404 Error.

I submitted a query to the Google forums, explaining the troubles I was having with YouTube. The reply I got was this:

You’ve almost certainly set your browser not to allow third-party cookies.

Uhm… No, I didn’t change anything. After becoming aware of this possibility I changed my settings in Firefox for Exceptions and Accepting 3rd party cookies… Then everything that was wrong/broke before now worked. :-\

So at this point I’m not positive why I had this trouble. All I know is that Privdog was installed, then shtf.

Before I asked that question in the Google forums… I had believed I was having a problem with Google+, and in an attempt to try to remedy the issue… long story short; I ended up losing my YouTube channel and every single thing I had with it. It’s WAY to much to get into here, so I’ll leave it at that. To say that I’m irked about it would be putting it very lightly.

Welcome to the Comodo Forum,

maybe a problem in Firefox caused this issue ??? Please try a clean install of Firefox and Privdog
then check again.


As of now everything is working again. With the exception of Privdog -of course, since it’s disabled.

Anyway, can anyone confirm if Privdog does indeed change any of your internet (privacy) settings?.. If so (since I’m already presuming it does), does it revert any settings to what they were before it was installed once it’s disabled and/or removed?


In Privdog settings - preferences - do you have realtime 3rd party cookie blocking enabled? Disable & try…

Sorry, not happening/not bothering.

Anyway. If Privdog does indeed change privacy settings that could affect your usage of certain websites, then, and this is just my personal opinion, that ‘feature’ should be looked at and reevaluated. Perhaps give the user a chance to choose what sites they want to use -that use whatever Privdog is disabling/blocking.

Thanks for listening. Goodbye.

If you’re using those services (Facebook apps, games, Google+) and other stuff that require them to store third-party cookies in your system, it is best for your interest to not bother with any privacy protection adds-on or adblocker at all. That includes PrivDog, Adblock Plus and all of its variance.

Because it defeat the purpose of privacy protection in the first place (since you already surrender your privacy to begin with, and content with that).

PrivDog does not change browser settings.