Disappointment with Comodo

For the first time, in many years, I felt disappointed with Comodo.
PC Tune UP is a very big lie!!! It is listed under FREE software, but it is paid!!
You can install, then it will tell you your computer is in ■■■■ conditions and then ask for you to buy a license to upgrade the software…
Well, this is NOT FREE, since it does NOTHING for free. Please move this program to another category and let it clear that you have to pay to use it.

Sorry for this message, I love CAV and Dragon, and have been using Comodo products for years, and always had the highest respect for Comodo. Maybe because of this I felt so bad installing PC Tune UP… If it would be from a another ■■■■ company, I would not care (and certainly never install it).


PC Tune UP is a very big lie!!! It is listed under FREE software, but it is paid!!
We been talking about it in the mod section, I can assure you that this is currently being looked into.

I am very disappointed too.
There were good reviews about CIS, so redirected from a Windows page, I downloaded a 30 day trial version of Comodo Internet Security. The programme did not work well in my system, perhaps the installation had serious problems or I am not geek enough to set it up correctly, so I contacted the technical support through GeekBuddy.
When I told the technical service person about my problem, the first thing he said was that the company had an award and I had to pay by credit card to find out how to install it properly.
I told him that for unknown reasons, I could only get Internet communication through the Geekbuddy. Commodo Internet Security had blocked my browser access to the Internet and I couldn’t access the help site, as this clever programme does not have help files installed locally. The reply was that there was a money guarantee and I had to pay.
I thought it was a great way to welcome and help a potential new customer, on the very first day of having the programme installed. Expecting even a more generous reception in a near future, I decided to uninstalled and not test it anymore. However, I would like you to know that people like me, who are not IT and security experts are not happy about your programme or technical service.
Probably your target group is a very skilled and experienced customer with sophisticated knowledge about IT security that can solve most problems by themselves.
It is not good that you want to monitor the help area so much that you do not include a local help file.
Basically, as often happens, better not to trust the products reviewed by IT media.

for me u not install the right mode u should reinstall and desmark all option that not is free . try see all the buttons and ready the installation

Comodo has really great freeware, specifically its Security Suite. But i have to admit the installer is quite cunning into ‘tricking’ unsuspecting customer into installing and opt-in to other unnecessary bloatware. Guess that’s the price to keep it as freeware.

But yes, i can’t believe PC Tune Up is actually bearing the “Comodo” name. Not only registry & tune up utilities are likened to ‘snake oil’ and harmful by many security expert, but in Comodo PC Tune Up case it is a payware disguised as freeware. If not for the “Comodo” name i would have mistaken it as a hybrid of scareware and rogueware.

I love comodo and CIS v6. As well as a few more comodo programs.

But I see no reason for Pc Tune Up. I prefer ccleaner and defraggler over it.

Comodo with ccleaner and defraggler is pure bliss.


Same here. Ccleaner is really good.

I would have to agree.
It is not good enough for a company that relies on trust to include products and methods of installing those products that are sneaky. Or even there.
And the idiot who said it was the peoples fault for not reading the installation properly. I bet you are the reason they had to put ‘don’t poke this in your eye’ on the toothpick packets.

I have 45 years experience with computers and I have been struggling with Comodo Backup for three weeks now. The manual is incomplete and has errors. Comodo Backup is a free product (you only have to pay to use their cloud space). Support for free programs? Telephone is only for paid products. Post a ticket (which I have done multiple times), search the Forums or GeekBuddy.

All GeekBuddy did was waste my time. They had me share my desktop with them, then would not address my technical questions, only try to sell me additional products that I didn’t want. A couple of the “buddies” kept insisting that Comodo Backup was a paid product, so I must have bootlegged my copy.

The forums seem old and outdated. Any of the topics that I have found there that are close to the issues I am having are either for another product, or for one many releases ago. Very few of the ones that I read had answers.

I have created five Tickets, most were closed without providing any feedback at all. Two I did get feedback on: “The problem is verified and our Development team has been notified. The problem will be fixed in the next release, but we have no idea when that is.” (paraphrased, not an exact quote)

I have spent hours trying to reach a live person at the company offices (supposed to be in New Jersey). I kept being transferred to GeekBuddy in Romania or NJ (the guy said he was in NJ, but his accent is Indian). Again, can’t get telephone assistance, or talk to a manager, or get transferred to the corporate offices.

It seems that this is a good product, if the advertising and reviews are to be trusted. If I could only get it to work.

ONE LAST THING; GeekBuddy keeps running in your machine after you have completed using their services. After un-installing GeekBuddy from my computer and re-booting, six processes went away from my TaskList. What level of confidence do you think that I have that GeekBuddy isn’t malware too, spying on me?


I am disappointed with COMODO because the download for openSUSE anti-virus is not complete. It is missing kernel module redirfs.ko and avflt.ko which prevents the file system driver to be loaded. There is also no fix for this.

It’s a sad situation, but for the first time in years our company has had to take Comodo products off the list of recommended products. Too many problems for too many years.

Well… I understand that but personally I like Comodo too.

It all depends on the level of security that you need.

Security is a tough business anyway.