I have downloaded Commodo Time Machine just after loosing ALL of my data (very precious subjectively and objectively - documents I need at work, my writings (short stories mostly) etc.).
I was copying the most important data to my pend drive weekly since then, and hoped for Commodo to be additional “defensive” feature on my computer.
Unfortunately, when I wanted to uninstall it (no matter why, it just seemed not to work like I would like it to), EVERYTHING broke down.
No useful informations before uninstalling (program UI etc.). No useful informations on the forum (I did everything you said, nothing worked).
I’m currently formatting my disk, hoping to get back at least a small portion of my lost data using some programs and my own knowledge.
Not only Commodo didn’t work, it CAUSED the problem and ENFORCED the situation it should prevent! What the hell, I’m asking you!

If it was payed version, I would totally ask and fight for a refound. Now I can only say that this program doesn’t work and I don’t reccomend it to anyone.

Thanks, the hate (I think quite reasonable one) ends now.

Good luck in not loosing any data, and please, programmers - do some Origami, it might do better for you.

Have a nice day

I’m really sorry for your predicament, but in my view you should have had a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP before installing anything on your PC. In our day and age I can’t help but be constantly amazed when people try software without backing up first, and when it all goes to hell they come into the forums complaining about the software.

If you had a recent backup of your Windows partition saved on an external disk, then you would just restore it after your disaster and in a few minutes your system would have been back from the dead. Ignorance is no excuse, all the info is out there FOR FREE for those who want to learn.

Regarding your personal and irreplaceable files: If I were you I’d save triple copies of them on different mediums for extra security. It is the logical and sensible thing to do. Never store all those files on your C: drive only. Never rely on a single storage medium for your irreplaceable files. What would you do if your disk suddenly died and then the USB stick that holds their copies was lost or damaged??? Make multiple copies of all the files you value, this includes photos, videos, files of your writing projects etc, and store them on different external hard disks or USB sticks, then keep those disks stored away from the computer. Synchronize the folders containing those files with their copies on your external devices on a daily basis. With storage prices at an all-time low, you can’t afford not to do so.

So, the problem is not CTM, not really. No software is 100% compatible with all the software/hardware configurations out there. This is what a backup is for, to protect you from such eventualities. Your problem is common to many novice users who don’t realize or appreciate the concept of a full backup, until they actually get burned and learn the hard way.

Sorry for being so blunt, but the truth must be told.

^^ This. End of story.

As for CTM back in those days it was flawless for me. Unfortunately I was forced to dump it when I’ve moved to SSD world but now I’m eagerly waiting that 3.0 version. And waiting…And waiting…

Same here. I’m really looking forward to testing it, but with resources shared between development of CTM3, CIS6 etc, delays are inevitable.

It just works on some system & doesn’t on some.

I am running CTM 2.6 on XP SP3 32 with no probs. Its a test system so I tried install/uninstall, restore, etc with no probs at all.

But only this version works on my system. 2.8 gives some error cannot read operating system or something.

2.9 Beta also worked fine here but the restore processes is tooo slow so I uninstalled it.

I also wanted to install CTM on my production system Win 7 64 but after reading all the posts in the CTM thread & the CTM being not developed currently I am was afraid to install it so didn’t installed it on my production system.

This is a very helpful software. Eagerly waiting for CTM 3.