disappointed with last version

I understand Comodo is getting more and more users, and most of them are too busy or don’t care about tunning their security software to optimal/maximum security as I do, but the decision to put a rule allowing any connection in the firewall is a plain shame, at first I almost reinstalled Comodo as it looks like some sort of bug (even in the Custom mode everything is allowed), my opinion: deletes the allow everything rule if the user choose Custom Mode, its a very serious security problem as any file can freely access the internet.

its doesnt allow everything it allows outgoing request

what is the name and description of that rule, and where can it be found? (application rules or global rules?)

Hi Clockwork. Is this what you are looking for. Kind regards

Edit: Egemen explains here Reply 157

the rule “allow all outgoing” in “global rules” will have no effect anyway. you could erase it. “allow rules” in global rules have only an effect, if they are put above a block rule as an exception of it. “all” is logically not an exception :smiley:

in application rules, there is no need for such a rule, and indeed danger is possible with it! dont understand why it should be there at all.

in both cases useless, in one case dangerous (application rules).

thats why i encourage everyone: first do all settings!

with this rule in application rules, i could just use a router instead. while a desktop firewall is MEANT to control outgoing traffic. which it doesnt here???
i wonder.

if its for inexperienced users, i would rather suggest to use a dialog which explains, what this decision will cause in “lack” of partial protection.