Disappointed with comodo V3

To start off, I would like to comment on one major problem I found from using V3.0. Ironically, the major problem is not bugs, but the user interface.

Unlike V2.4 (which I find its an excellent firewall with an easy to understand interface), the user interface for V3.0 is not easy to use at all. Navigating around the V3 for functions was horrible and complex, especially for average joe. The description itself is difficult to understand.

To top it off, the intrusions defense system (Defense+) pop up tons of warning which there is no way average joe will know it’s about.

From what I learn (I’m currently studying IT security), “Complexity is the enemy of security” was one of the principles. It really makes me wonder is V3 doing a good job as a firewall.

I think I will revert back into using V2.4 for the time being and wait for maybe, the next version or something.

Anyway, I would like to say good job/effort.

Hallo snowflakes,
that’s a really unexpected sentence coming from an IT Security student :o

I you like please develop your feedback further in order to suggest some enhancement that will not decrease protection but will improve user compliance.

It is already possible to reduce the number of popups or to disable only part of D+ so I’m not able to understand your points.

There is Clean PC mode that only alert you about new software.
There is the * policy which enable you to defrine a default protection that apply to all apps.
It is still possible to individually disable most D+ monitored activities.
But all these options come to a price (eg Clean mode should only be used if the user is absolutely sure that his pc was not compromised).


Nope, I’m not talking about removing any functions from the current V3.0, instead for a cleaner look (comparing V2.4 and V3.0 ease of use).

Basically, I feel that there is too many function’s setting squeezed in a page and without much explanation for those who do not have much knowledges in IT. So, the whole firewall turn out to become messy and give a complex feeling.

Well, don’t get it wrong that I’m demanding something (I have no rights to anyway, cause I’m not the one writing the firewall). I’m just giving a suggestion.

Anyway, of all firewalls, Comodo (V2.4) is the best among all the firewalls I’ve tried. Good job for that. (:CLP)

you will able to write skins for it very soon.



That’s what the Comodo forums are here for. (:WIN)

We have knowledgable users putting a very powerful user guide together also…
this is “Written by users for users” . I believe this is world’s first firewall user guide written by users for user!

I am confident that it will be the most comprehensive and easy to read firewall guide in the world!!!


I agree that it’s too confusing. Too many windows to edit rules.
I made a few pictures and edited them to make a few suggestions, if you’re interested.

But the bottom line is the GUI is unnecessarily confusing and complicated. Too many links, windows and clicks. My opinion.

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the default settings seem good enough, in most cases a person would have no need to even give the user interface a look over, YES there are alot of functions, but Comodo V3 seems to be the most configurable firewall i’ve ever seen, and thats a good thing!

The only thing I really hate in the gui is that to look at logs I have to switch back and forth from advanced to Common tasks. I guess I’ll simply create a shortcut to CFPlog app which BTW is faster than the one included in CFP. I guess that they were coded differently.

When is this guide going to be released ?

If only there was an option to toggle options or modules to be displayed or not. I know myself and other users will never use certain options from the GUI (e.g. the Help link (:TNG)). This would reduce clutter. Less means more in this aspect IMO.

Take this example. Click Firewall → Global rules and application rules should be right there, in the main GUI, as sepparate tabs, or inside the same “Rules” tab (with subtabs application rules and global rules). Without opening another window, i’m reviewing rules. Simple. To edit, i just click edit and THEN it opens a different window (i’m accessing advanced functions, so i don’t expect anything else).
Bellow Global rules and App Rules, i should be able to see active connections, and below this possibly the log. Then another tab “Options”/“Tasks” for the rest of the option jungle (things that one doesn’t use often).

If we apply this principle to D+, the gain is 3x bigger. Right now it’s a headache to understand what i have in D+ - way too many windows to open, and close to open the other etc. Like i said, i got suggestions as to how things could be done (i had time to kill).
So, to picture it, click Defense+ → there should be a “Policy” tab right there, that contains also the predefined. Below that tab, the “Process List”, and below possibly “Events”. Below all these the “Tasks”/“Options” tab for the option jungle (again, things that one doesn’t use often).

The confusion about D+ mainly, and complication overall will diminish or disappear.

There are other things to suggest, but with the GUI as it is, i would prefer to clean it first, so we can evaluate it better and see what’s missing / what’s wrong.

Geez. I would like the opposite ;D Let’s hope both can be addressed by the skinning editor (:LOV)

You like how it is, or would you prefer it like i describe above (imo clean)? Or some middle ground?

I didn’t think this would be skinnable, only colours ???

You shoul edit that post to add those :wink: screenshoots. I’ll bet many members wll post many +1 or (:LOV)

I needed an option to add logs to CFP tray icon menu (like Ewen suggested) and a separate tab to group all logs and view active that actually are placed in Common tasks.
It’s a pain to switch back and forth from advanced to common tasks only to see log or connection/apps.

I managed to partly solve this creating a separate shortcut to V3 Log Viewer (which is faster that the one in CFP GUI)

I always saw those screenies. Definitely an improvement. This would at least solve (most) of those useability complaints about the GUI and their “3 million clicks” ;D

yeah i agree, the interface needs some redesigning.

it’s very nice to hear that it will be possible to write skins. if the skins could be really extensive then who knows how interesting this project could become. :smiley:

of course i also hope skins will more than just colors.

I’ll link to it:
i have to rush