Disappearance of traybar icon

I’ve used Comodo BOClean 4.27 for about a year on a Vista 32-bit machine with no problems. I also have AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Windows Defender. I often scan with ClamWin and Malwarebytes.

Yesterday evening, the BOClean traybar icon disappeared. BOClean was still on the computer, and I could still use the Updater through my Start button. I uninstalled and reinstalled BOClean, and the icon was restored. It was still there this morning. I just turned on my computer, and the traybar icon has disappeared again. I haven’t done anything to change the configuration.

What should I do?

Hi bobov, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is not a BOClean - but a Windows problem :-\

Here a link with an earlier discussion about it on this forum :


And a link with possible solutions :


I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for your help, Red. Much appreciated.

I’m no computer pro, and the article had my head swimming in minutes. So many approaches, and I wouldn’t know how to execute most of them. Is there any particular thing you’d recommend?

P.S. The traybar icon came on when I booted up this morning.

As far as I remember there was only one report here ( But I can’t find it right now :-[ ) from a member who’s fix was related to UPnP. But I can’t remember if he simply used the “The Ostuni Workaround” ( that is hiding the device ) from the link, or “More radical: stop UPnP services” ( which speaks for itself ). I will see if I can dig it up in the next few days :wink:

Greetz, Red.

This issue occasionally appears with Vista also, Red. A Windows bug they haven’t fixed yet.

No trouble today so far.

I went to System Configuration and turned off several unnecessary start-up programs. My naive hope is that this will help.

I’ll wait for your fix.

I finaly found the topic I was looking for :


So he used the “The Ostuni Workaround” ( hiding the service ), and that worked for him.

Greetz, Red.

Re the Ostuni Workaround -

I use a Vista computer. In Vista, UPnP is called Network Discovery. Network Discovery is turned off, and has been all along. I don’t know how to hide UPnP devices, since there’s no “My Network Places” in Vista, or anything like it that I can find. I’m not sure that I have any UPnP devices to hide. The printer is my only shared device.

The traybar icon disappeared again today.