Disallowed something by mistake on browser, now can't watch YouTube videos

This morning early when I opened my browser, Comodo was sending up all sorts of alerts. I assumed this was a heartbleed thing, and I was half awake, so I accidentally disallowed something. Now I can’t watch videos on YouTube. It tries to come up, then the screen just goes blank, like Comodo is blocking it. How do I change the settings so I can watch YouTube?

Thanks in advance!

In the advanced settings, check your (defense + Hips Rules) and your (firewall application rules) and see if any rule sets were created for your browser. If so, you could remove those rules and the next time you open the browser the alerts should pop up again, allowing you to go back through the process. After these changes I would restart the system for good measure, especially if you have version 7 installed, and before you re-run the browser.