Disabling Windows firewall will turn on network discovery and file sharing!

Following advice I decided to turn off my windows firewall however I noticed that CIS was blocking incoming in the thousands(2600+).

Soon I discovered that my network discovery and file sharing were being turned on and could only be turned off by turning the windows firewall back on.

Is it really necessary to disable windows firewall? If so how to set the network discovery and file sharing to stay off. Because once the windows firewall is turned off they both are set to on automatically. Thanks

By leaving the Windows firewall enabled you are very likely to encounter conflicts and possibly system stability issues. If you have installed CIS you have no need of the Windows Firewall.

You can manually adjust the settings that control network discovery and sharing. How, will depend on which version of Windows you are using.

If you are running Vista, right click the Network icon in the tray, select ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
From the window that pops up, you can manage your network settings, including Network Discovery, and File Sharing.
Yes, Never run two or more software firewalls at a time. Disable Windows firewall.

Thanks guys but setting the windows fireall off will make network discovery and file sharing to on and I can’t change their settings unless I turn windows firewall back on.

Oh hell I did port scan and all indicated that all my ports are stealthed.

I’ve been having random bluescreen crashes from time to time so I better turn off windows firewall. So now it’s COMODO or bust. CIS is my sole frontier against the cruel internet lol.

Which version of windows are you using?

Be careful out there :slight_smile:

NO YOU CAN’T. I am running Vista64 and CIS enables file sharing and network discovery. These settings CANNOT be changed(in ‘Network and Sharing Center’) as the options are disabled(greyed-out) by CIS. I have Windows Firewall disabled but enabling it reactivates the options of turning - off file sharing and network discovery. Please fix this!

See the following it will help:

Vista share and networking center vs. Comodo Firewall

You are right, Network Discovery is not available under Windows, due to it is a feature of Windows Firewall. It is controllable (on/off) though, from CIS - Miscellaneaous/Settings.
File and Folder Sharing can be controlled from Explorer. Right click and select Properties/Sharing.
If you don’t wish to share, don’t share, simple.
Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard/Stealth your Ports to Everyone makes you completely invisible to others on the network.
(I also have Vista Ultimate x64).

I have always used the old fashioned screen in windows to disable file sharing see image.

It is hidden in Vista. Go to “Network sharing centre”, “Manage network connections” and right click your network and select properties. You can then untick “client for Microsoft networks” and “file and print sharing for Microsoft networks”.

I assume this works. The computers on my network do not detect each other. Can anyone confirm this?

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