Disabling uploads (cloud features and whatever)

I wish to prevent Comodo from uploading anything that is on my machine (even executables or fragments of said). I discovered, after an update and only because I went looking for changes, two Defense+ Settings which were enabled by default:

  1. Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files
  2. Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud

Question: Is unchecking those two options sufficient to prevent Comodo from uploading things from my computer?

Yes as far as I know.

I have not seen anything otherwise than the normal program check for updates and virus updates in firewall active connections.


I’m going to base everything and guess your intentions from reading your posts

1) Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files 2) Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud
As paranoid and xtreme for some of the things I(jay2007tech) do to secure my own computer. I can see why you would want to do that and seeing how your tweaking the settings, I'll assume your very knowledgeable on firewalls and such :-TU and like to maintain control :)

Could i recommend 2 things (just an idea

  1. I would keep the first one enabled, BUT remove the second one. (So things WON’T scan unrecognized files automatically in the cloud) <----I based that on keeping secure, BUT getting rid of the Automatic policy. That way things will get done only when you want it too. You maintaining control is the main thing

  2. Since you like to have some control of uploads on what can be checked for infections in the cloub or file integerty(and such), then I would recommend controlling what goes back and forth from your computer AND microsoft (also malicious programs are known to use these ports too!!!). While you can’t blocking everything from Microsoft easily :slight_smile: (you can block most of it, unless you what to get extreme)

It easy, I could make the step-by-step much shorter, but I want to keep it a simple as possible so other people could do it too, if they like
Disable ports 135-139 and 443-445 (((((((((If your using Comodo TrustConnect then it would be 444-445 instead of 443-445))))))))

  1. Open comodo
  2. Click on the “Firewall Icon”
  3. Click on Network Security Policy"
  4. Click on “Global Rules”
  5. Click on the “Add” button"
  6. Look at “Action” change from “allow” to “BLOCK”
  7. Click on “Source Port”
  8. Under “Type” Click on “A Port Range”
  9. In “Start Port” type in 135
    10)In “End Port” type in 139
    11)Click on “Destination Port”
    12)Under “Action” change from “Allow” to “BLOCK”
    13)Under “Type” Click on “A Port Range”
    14)In “Start Port” type in 135
    15)In “End Port” type in 139
    16)Click on Apply
    Now for port 443-445
    Repeat step 1-16 but instead of entering 135 and 139, it’ll be 443 and 445

Hi and thanks for the replies. This suggestion to “enable #1 and disable #2” seems based on the idea that #1 enables all of the upload/cloud related features and #2 simply controls whether it is done automatically or you are prompted to allow it. Is that what you meant?

I question that because if so the user interface is not implemented properly. In such a case, #2 should be indented (to reflect it is affected by its parent #1) and #2 should be disabled/grayed when #1 is unchecked (to reflect that #2 is irrelevant when #1 is unchecked). Furthermore, the “what do these settings do” documentation seems meant to communicate that #1 enables “upload for execution/testing in a virtual environment” and #2 enables “upload for hashing/fingerprinting and checks against the master white and black lists”. Both features appear to enable the uploading of a file, and it is that uploading which I wish to block.

Although, were it a reliable option, I might set such features to PROMPT on my own machines.

Is that what you meant?
I see your point, it does sound kind of confusing. Every person has his own way :)