Disabling submit files on each pop up alert?

On every pop up alert, submit files to comodo is pre-checked by default. How can I disable this stupid pre-check pls?

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Surprisingly, Aigle, I don’t see a setting to disable or change the default of this.
I would have thought unchecking it once would change the setting, but I gather from your posting this request it does not.

there is no way to turn it off in the red alerts that say heuristics found malware behavior because if the heuristics found something they want to see it in the AV lab and if needed add a siganture for it. It is usually turned off in the yellow alerts but sometimes it’s not. It depends on what made the alert pop up.

Oner more annoying behavior of CIS. Sigh…

Please post this a a wish in the Wish board.

There are already so many valid wishes dying there, since from early days of version 3.