Disabling Automatic Updates


I have Comodo Internet Security installed on several workstations on my LAN. One computer acts as an internet gateway through ICS (internet connection sharing) in Windows Vista 32. This gateway computer is internet enabled only by a dial-up modem.

My problem comes from CIS’s automatic updates. On all of my workstations, even after I’ve told CIS to not update before any scans and under the program settings, the virus definitions still repeatedly update by themselves. These updates take a long time to download on each computer and I just can’t have them using up what little bandwidth I have.

So, I’ve disabled automatic updates in every option I can find but CIS updates automatically anyways. Can anyone offer insight into how I might disable automatic updates effectively, leaving the option to manually update intact?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the Forums, Elwood18.

The only options found at this time are to prevent CIS from updating the AV database prior to a scan.
There is no way currently to completely disable the AV database from updating automatically.
This is something I hope will be corrected in a future release.
This has been added to the wishlist.


This seems to me more like a bug than a feature that hasn’t been added yet. There are options to disable the updating, yet it does so anyways.

Maybe I’m confused though. I’ve disabled automatic updates from three tabs (real time scanning, manual scanning and scheduled scanning) in the “virus scanner settings” window. I gather from these options that the virus database is only updated before any one of these three types of scanning occurs. Under “miscellaneous”, “settings”, “update”, I have disabled “automatically check for the program updates”.

So, does CIS schedule an automatic virus definition update that is independent of these four options?

It routinely checks to see if there is an update to the virus signatures database. If there is, it retrieves this file.
The wish link I provided asks for what you are looking for.