Disabling antivirus does not work?

I want to disable antivirus.

I disabled option “Antivirus” and “Viruscope”.

But CIS still scan my disk and find something infected. Actually this is false positive, but I would stress here that antivirus still run.

How to actually make antivirus disabled?

Thank you

I use CIS

Go to the scan profiles of the anti-virus (Scan Profiles, Scan For Virus, Antivirus Protection | Internet Security Help) and disable the quick and full scan profiles. Also under file rating settings (File Rating Settings, Virus Protection, Internet Protection | CIS Help | COMODO) make sure “detect unwanted applications” is disabled/unchecked. Finally, make sure the application is not rated as malicious in the file list (File List, Internet Protection, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO).