Disable update during Windows startup

Recently my Windows starts up much slower so I’ve checked for the reason. The reason is Comodo CIS. By 200 MB of memory and up to 20% of CPU utilized by cmdagent.exe I guess that it updates virus signatures. During signature updates there is always similar memory/cpu utilization. So my question is how to disable the signatures update at windows startup. It wasn’t happening with one of the first 3.9 versions. Now I use the latest 3.10. I confirmed that all of my 3.9 settings disabling any automatic updates were kept and are set exactly as before.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hello Bucic,

Can you post you system details, like OS version, language, service packets, 32/64 bit, CPU etc i assume your running 3.10.x.531 latest ?

If you like to test if the AV is to blame you can go to Add/Remove software and select Comodo Internet Security and then change the install and remove the AV, now reboot and see if it’s still slow.

Win XP SP3 32-bit

Intel Core2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz @ ~ 3.5GHz
2GB DDR2-800 RAM

I don’t think the uninstalling step will be necessary as when one process takes 20% of CPU and 200 MB of RAM during startup there’s no place for other process to blame really and, as I said before, identically configured CIS didn’t cause any problems few days or up to a week ago. If you still insist on uninstalling, please let me know.

Well i assume that the process that is using the CPU is the cmdagent.exe right ?
That does all the stuff for the AV FW and D+ engine. If it’s caused by a part of the AV and you “remove” the AV from the current install you will have CIS with FW and D+ active, now if your system no longer uses that much resources at startup it’s caused by the AV part of the engine.

That’s why it would be interesting to see what happens if…

Unfortunately the issue does not change when I disable all the CIS components. I also tested them one by one.

Right - cmd.exe, like I said before. 20% of CPU and 200MB of RAM. I could observe always the same values during virus signature update hence my initial guess.

Hello… I’m ready for the answer :wink:

Please go to Add/Remove Programs, Select Comodo Internet Security, Select it and then select Add/Remove on the CIS installer, now uninstall the AV part of CIS and reboot.

This does not “simply” disable AV this uninstalls it’s parts from the engine.

it got a little complicated. I uninstalled the AV module and the issue is still the same. Or rather - was. While I was messing with CIS my network went dwon, so I thought it is my fault and CIS’s. I desperately needed connection so I uninstalled CIS and cleaned up everything. Then it showed that it was external network failure. Anyway, I reinstalled (clean) CIS 3.10.x (the latest one) and it seems that the issue is gone. Let’s wait for the first signature update (60MB and going, is it normal?) to say final words.

It seems that the problem is gone for good. I wonder what caused it. Anyway, the topic title should be changed, probably. The final size of the virus signature was 100MB+ :o BTW, Ronny, I hope that in case of newbies you remind them to back up configuration first :wink: Thank you anyway.

Unfortunately the problem is back. After I updated CIS (via autoupdate) to the latest version, it does it again - cmdagent.exe delays my windows startup and utilizes my computer resources terribly.

Please keep in mind that the topic title is outdated.

Hi bucic,

Sorry to hear the problem shows up again, can you do a config export and a clean install ?
And maybe post in the released post also this issue… see if there are more users having this issue.


Thanks for fast response!

Sure I can do a clean install, but I’d rather not do it every time I update to another minor release.

I will repost it in the another forum part.

And here we go again. This time on Windows 7 64 bit MSDNA. I was using the clean install of CIS not doing any modification to my system nor CIS configuration and it started again.