Disable rule

How can I temporary disable an application or global rule?

I don’t need to delete the rule, just disable for some time
Later I could just enable it again and don’t need to enter all rule’s critereas again

You can’t disable a single rule. Only way I can think of is to reverse it. That is, make allow to block or block to allow. As you’ll reverse the way it works, it should be ‘disabled’, because it’ll act the opposite way as it normally would.

This would be a nice feature though, wouldn’t it?
For testing/troubleshooting purposes?

Maybe the OP could mention it in the suggestions/improvements forum?

thaks for a workaraund! I will try

feature request filed: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/how_would_you_rate_comodo_personal_firewall_and_what_to_improve-t24.0.html;msg206183#msg206183