Disable retention of popup "remember" checkbox between alerts

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Comodo Firewall’s action alert popups include a “Remember my answer” checkbox. This is an important function for user choices on a per-requesting-application basis. However, any time the user selects remember this decision is retained across alerts.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
The retention of remember should be disabled between all alerts – ie, the box should always be unchecked on each new popup.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Retention of the remember setting can inadvertantly lead a user to globally allow all application requests they may prefer to retain granular control over. Eg, always allow Application X to access the internet for basic functionality, but do not always allow for application auto update checks. Since the firewall distinguishes between these separate event requests, the user should be granted control over them as separate actions with the firewall in a “starting state” unaffected by previous discrete actions. Retention of previous selections makes it easy to forget that the small remember box was previously checked and inadvertantly lose control over individual application actions.

4. Any other information:
Retention of this setting is not necessary to permanently set global permissions for any application.

Personally I disagree, I like that it remembers your last answer, if the user doesn’t pay attention to the alerts then that’s an issue with the user and not with the alert’s logical remembering of that users last action. Personally I often use the “Remember my answer” and many times after another, especially for HIPS.


Clearly I’m in the minority, but it still strikes me that erring on the side of caution – making the firewall/HIPS default actions always more, rather than less, intrinsically secure – is the better idea. Otherwise why bother to distinguish between granular events? I’m not suggesting removal of the remember option, just that it default to off because the whole point of having fine-grained control is lost if the firewall is allowed to present itself in a state of “open” rather than “closed.”

This straight, JLJ, wants the box “remember my answer” is unchecked by default, even if it has been marked anteriorly “remember my answer.”
This would be useful, in a misguided user permission

I agree with JLJ

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