Disable realtime scanning

Is there any way to disable real time antivirus scanning without comodo going into “Needs attention / at risk” mode?

I wouldn’t want to disable real-time scanning unless frequent full-sys scans are implemented, e.g., hourly after every minute while surfing the interwebs, or immediately after opening an eMail or any sort of document.

Set the A/V security configuration to stateful - scans files when accessed the first time after A/V defs are updated - and be done with it.

Would you like to permanently disable the Anti-Virus and keep it that way? In that case you can switch from Comodo Internet Security to Comodo Firewall.

I want to disable only real time scanning but still keep the antivirus when I want to do a manual scan.
Currently, when I disable real time scanning, it keeps telling me that I’m at risk. I want to disable that warning.

A correctly set up defense+ and firewall is all I need to manually detect malicious activity, but I still want to have the antivirus ready when needed.

My hard drive is at 7% health with hundreds of bad sectors and I’m currently not in the position to replace it. I want to keep HDD activity to a minimum to reduce further damage. Comodo real time scanning is causing LOTS of HDD activity, especially because I have over 60k files on my desktop and inside the documents folder which are over 40 GB in size. Comodo is scanning these files over and over, I guess since the desktop is basically accessed at all times, it triggers the on access scan very often.

I have tried setting the entire C drive as an exclusion, but this also kills the manual scan when I right click on the file and request a scan.

You need to add these folders to Excluded Applications. Start by just adding one file from one of the folders to the Excluded Applications list. Then edit the entry by changing the file name to *. The path will look like …\desktop*.