Disable D+ ?

Whats the difference Disable D+ with Slider & Deactivate D+ Permanently?

If only Deactivate D+ Permanently is checked & the slider is at safemode only, does this means D+ is disabled?

If only slider is moved to Disabled but deactivate permanently is not checked, does this means D+ is disabled?

Why 2 options & whats the actual difference?


Permanently = completely.

Some D+ actions still take place, and the relevant .dlls are still injected unless you tick permanently and reboot.

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So you mean if D+ is disabled with slider then some D+ functions will still work.

And if D+ is disabled with the check in the option deactivate D+ permanently then it is disabled permanently & no D+ functions will work.

So I guess if D+ is disabled with deactivate D+ permanently option then I dont need to move the slider to disabled, m I right?


Yes, not the best UI design ever :slight_smile:


Yes the worst design, 2 options to do the same thing, one does partial work & other does the required job. Thannks for the info.


But they don’t do the same thing…

One is designed for a temporary disabling of D+ without requiring a restart. Drivers are still loaded (the reason a restart isn’t needed) because D+ may be re-enabled by the user at any time and it needs to be functional when it is re-enabled.

The other option for disabling permanently and will stop the drivers from loading. If the user wishes to re-enable D+ after using this option, it isn’t a quick process. A restart is required.

(Mods can disagree :slight_smile: )

Well permanent is not permanent, from a users point of view, since it can be easily reversed within minutes. Or else eternity is a boot session…which I’d love to debate…

And one is a more complete than the other. Some restrictions (as well as some drivers) still remain with D+ slider set to disabled. Never experimented to find exactly which, but my observations with bugs suggest BO protection and manual sandbox (always sandbox) [Edit: and blocked files] at least.

Perhaps long-term disabling is a better choice of words than permanent? :wink:

And I never said it was an eternity. Simply that you can’t just re-enable D+ and expect it to be functional after using the permanently disable feature. A reboot is required.

“In the long term we are all dead” Maynard Keynes :slight_smile:

Adding to Mouse1’s observations disabling D+ is not capable of undoing the injections of guardxx.dll in all running processes. Only the “Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart)” setting will disable the injection of guardxx.dll. That would be another reason the reboot is needed.

And yeah, the wording in the UI is not brilliant.

If slider is a temporary disable & deactivate permanently is a permanent disable then why slider is automatically set to disabled after restart when only deactivate permanently is checked which is only required to disable D+ permanently?