Disable D+ - Virus Scan Function - Safe Mode ???

Hello. I’m using Comodo Firewall 6.0.264710.2708

I’ve just installed Bit Defender Anti Virus Plus 2013 or tried. I failed first time round and had to uninstall Comodo first. So I remove Comodo Firewall then installed Bit Defender Anti Virus Plus 2013 then installed Comodo Firewall again. Theres some conflict here with both softwares including both running side by side. I found this work around on the Bit Defender forum…


Sorry for the delayed reply.

This firewall has some HIPS features like: Default Deny Protection™, Prevention-based security, Auto Sandbox Technology™, etc.

Comodo’s Execution Control is interfering with Bitdefender’s Active Virus Control.

There is a workaround:

  • install Bitdefender 2012 on that machine:
    The Bitdefender Expert Community

  • install Comodo Firewall without Defence+(from their kit select only the firewall module and uncheck all the other things) and do not reboot your machine.

  • add all Bitdefender files/applications to Comodo’s Execution Control exclusions list(it actually has this option).

C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2012
  • reboot your machine and all should run smoothly.

Thank you.

The Bitdefender Expert Community

But a few problems here. During install of Comodo Firewall I done a custom install so only the Firewall installs, nothing else but there was no option to enable/disable D+. And as for Comodo’s Execution Control, I don’t know where that is? Where do I know put Bit Defender Anti Virus Plus 2013 Files in Comodo? What else do I need to do to make Bit Defender Anti Virus Plus 2013 work well with Comodo’s firewall?

Another thing is I have a virus scan option/function within my firewall? Why is that there? I didn’t opt to install the Anti-Virus.

And lastly I did have my settings set to Custom but with my computer being clean is it ok for me to have set to Safe Mode? Should I switch back to Custom for extra security or should I be fine with it set to safe? I have Stealth Ports set to Block Incoming Connections.

I’ve added screenshots of everything under D+ apart from the expand lines in various tags due to the list being way to long to keep saving. If you need me to copy all that then I will no problem. I’ve also screenshot the scan appearance…

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