Disable Comodo Firewall


How can I have Comodo installed but not running on my computer?
I want to run it just some times.
I know I can disable it from its main interface but it’s still running on every windows startup.
I can’t disable the service because it’s protected


right click the tray icon and pick your options, check and see if its being hidden in the windows taskbar.

You can turn of the Firewall by moving the slider to disabled in Firewall Behaviour Settings. Or do that from the systray icon.

For D+ the story is a bit more complex. You can move down the slider to disabled or disable from the systray like with the firewall part but that will not disable all functionality. You would need to use the Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) setting; but that requires a reboot each time you switch it on or off.

Why would you want to disable the firewall to run it just on limited set of occasions? It is not something I would recommend. Are there confusing alerts?

I think I don’t need it permanently and my computer is not very fast, I try to keep most programs off the memory.
I think I’ve found another way: disabling cfp and cmdagent with autoruns.


CIS runs light on resources so I would recommend to let it start with Windows.

I agree one should not let start many programs with Windows. But a firewall is important So a light firewall like CIS I would let start.