Disable Auto-Sandboxing But Still Use Sandbox?

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to disable the auto-sandboxing, but still have the sandbox feature available as an option to choose when I run an unrecognized program.

I have unchecked the box under Execution Control Settings
“Treat unrecognized files as ”

And I have sandbox enabled in sandbox settings. I also have Automatically detect installers and run them outside the sandbox unchecked as well as automatically trust files from trusted vendors.

What I would like is a Sandbox button beside Allow and Block when I execute an unrecognized program. I have seen these buttons before in videos of Comodo on YouTube but I don’t see it on mine when I execute them, here’s a video: What Security I Use - YouTube

Now this video is version 4.x - I’m running 5.0 - is this possible in 5.0?

EDIT: Here’s another video of the same guy using 5.0 with the Sandbox button: Comodo vs. Norton 2011 Editions Test 2 Video 2 - YouTube - at approximately 5:45 into the video.

Also of note, I am running COMODO Firewall only without the COMODO AV installed. My settings are set to Proactive Security / Safe Mode.