Disable 'a new version of comodo dragon is available - download' message?

I already have the ‘To get future updates…you’ll need windows 10’, and now the title message has appeared under it. I’m assuming it’s an error since I haven’t changed from Windows 7 (nor ever intend to), so how do I get rid of it?

I already know the registry hack to remove ‘to get future updates’…how do I nuke ‘a new version’ message? Even better would be how to permanently disable ALL future messages!

Hi 2Riverbank,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your CIS version and win version ?
Any related screenshot/video of the issue so that we can reproduce easily and fix it


If CIS means Comodo Internet Security, then I don’t have that. I have Comodo Dragon, Comodo Ice Dragon & Comodo Programs Manager. The OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. If there is a version number on the Comodo Dragon browser, I have not found it. It is the last version that works on Win 7.

Does disabling the Comodo Dragon Updater Service do the trick for you?

It might if I could find it. Privacy & Security >General Settings:
allow all cookies
block third party
block third party
block all cookies
clear cookies
start browser in incognito
send a do not track
preload pages
see all site data
customixed behavior

That all the options. I been through EVERY entry accessible via clicking the three vertical dots. No mention of Comodo Dragon Updater Service.

The service can be found under Services in Windows. This guide will tell you where to find Services and how to disable a service: How to start and stop services manually on Windows 10 | Windows Central .

Thanks for reminding me of ‘services’, as I had forgotten about it, and not been there for a year. Unfortunately the Comodo Dragon Update Service had already been disabled, as the only choice now showing is ‘Restart’. Maybe this works on Windows 10, but it ain’t working on Windows 7 Pro.