Directory Exclusions Request For Defense+

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for this wonderful feature-packed freeware. I’ve been an user of Comodo Internet Security (previously firewall before 3.0) for years. It is one of my favourite software along with Firefox.

Anyhow, I really hope this feature will get implemented, it will make things a lot easier and prevents rule bloat.

Adding a directory to “My Own Safe Files” simply whitelists every file (see edit) that is within the folder at the present.
That creates a lot of unnecessary junk that can slow down Comodo Internet Security in the long run (especially in older computers). Also if you do that, any new executables not verified by Comodo or signed by a “Trusted Software Vendor” will be sandboxed.

This feature may make Comodo less secure, but I’m hoping it will be added in the future.

P.M. I would also like multi-selection of rules using shift or ctrl click please, that shouldn’t be too hard to implement right?

Actually, it doesn’t add every file, but I don’t see the point of .dll
Added OpenOffice directory manually, and a LOT of rules appeared.

I usually remove the dll files references. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. I see it happen each month when I install the latest ATI Catalyst driver suite.

I will move this to the Wishlist board.

A very important function in my opinion!

Also along these lines I have a program that is updated by the publisher a lot, like every other week. More often than not CIS Defense + blocks the updated program, whether due to a .exe size change or something else I have no idea. The point is, I would like to exclude this specific .exe from being re-blocked even though I had previously allowed it on the “My Own Safe Files” list. I have 15 computers I operate and it can become quite a hassle to go through each one and see which is blocked and which isn’t.

Hello, I’m a developer, and i have a similar issue : each time i initiate a debug session of my own executable, it is automatically sandboxed and submitted to Comodo. I can’t figure out how to prevent this from happening. For sure, I can’t put it permanently in the trusted files list as it is constantly modified. What I’d wish is to set up D+ with an exclusion directory containing all my personal software development project. Thanks for helping

You can set up a file group, and give that group the Installer or Updater predefined security policy.