Direct & Relay IP from the same location

I’m trying to setup a working VNC environment between my home to the office consisting of 10 computers.

I created one login account for CUnite and all machines (Office and mine) have the CUnite app installed and logged in using the same account. While I can see the machine of the office PCs, some have Relay and others have Direct IP connections.

Why is that? Is there anything I can do to fix it so they all have Direct IP because VNC through the Relay IP is not usable.

I read the Comodo Help guide to forward the ports on the router for Direct IP but how is that done when you have more than 1 PC behind the router in the office?


any firewall protection ?

if you want port forward, i think all of connected pc’s ( in comodoo ) will use forwarded ports.



I have the same problem. I posted a new thread with my own details. Hoping for a reply…