Direct connection but no ping

I’ve set up VPN with two friends of mine with direct connection type. I’ve allowed TCP connections with destination port 443, UDP to 8000 and 12000-13000. In contact list unite states that I have direct connection to my friends.
Though when I right-click on them and try to ping (ping 5.1..) there is no ping whatsoever. My friends are able to ping each other, but can’t ping me. This VPN network is fully accessible (trusted) in Firewall settings, but even if I turn firewall off nothing helps. It’s like there’s no VPN but Unite states otherwise.


What is your connection type? behind a router?
Are your friends also behind a router?

We have seen these issues before but it’s a bit difficult to diagnose as there are a number of issues that could cause this behavior.

PPtP VPN. But I think I can also use PPPoE, I’ll try to use that instead. My friends are behind their routers, but they forwarded their ports and can see each other perfectly. Firewall logs show that outgoing packets to their VPN addresses are allowed, but I receive no packets from them and nothing is blocked in logs.

Update: nope, PPPoE haven’t change anything.

Are you on Windows XP or Vista/Win7?
Can you try to run Unite as Administrator see if that makes any difference?

XP. I do run it as administrator.

Ok, I didn’t do anything, nor do my friends, we just left it as it is for few hours, and now, 3 hours past, pings are working, like if Unite figured out at last that he should create VPN for me.
Unite’s bug or some problem with service / P2P server?

That could very well be, maybe the next version improves on this field…