Digital signature on TVL but not working

I’ve posted a request just to find out later that this very signature was already on the TVL list but was not effective because i got D+ popups for this app (Crystal Disk Info) and it even got sandboxed by itself.
How is this possible if the digital signature was already on teh TVL list? And i’ve noticed a similar case for another user on the TVL submission page (in that thread).

Either something is wrong with Comodo or the digital signature got modified by the developer.
Can anyone from Comodo shed some light on this matter?

did you get an alert when you were installing the app or were you just running it?

The app was started with system because i had it set through Task Scheduler before CIS was even installed.
It started but it was sandboxed and when i killed it and started again i got D+ message.

Hi RejZoR,
The TVL hasn’t been accidentally disabled under the File Rating Settings?

No. It’s enabled and works perfectly fine for other apps (including firewall where i set it to create rules for safe apps).

May be this is a case of where a publisher has more than one signature of which not all are vetted. Can you check the exact name on the signature of the file and the one in the TVL?

For example Microsoft has four different signatures I think.

Well, when i wanted to add it by hand, CIS said that the signature is already on the TVL list (but the D+ didn’t utilize it when it was needed). I assume CIS knows what’s the same and what isn’t through actual signature and not just the name of it…

With me the vendor is not on the TVL when running CDI v5.6.0. It does not run in the sandbox either.

Can anybody else check to see if Rejzor’s findings reproduce or not?

Sorry, that means TVL? As a fully deciphered?

I too sometimes dont understand things.

Like I never got Unlimited Rights popup for Adobe Flash update, that means the new update was in whitelist. But sometimes during update a file gtcheck or gtbcheck is sandboxed, why if the update is whitelisted?

Trust Vendor List. Programs that are in the TVL will be automatically trusted by CIS. They need to be digitally signed and have been vetted by Comodo.

May be it is better to start a separate topic about this. This is an older topic that ran its course. When starting a new topic could you give a better description of your problem?

It seems there was an issue with cloud TVL for this vendor . Please check again within few hours and send me PM after 24h if issue is still present.

Thanks for the heads up bogdan.