Digital ID name cannot be found in Outlook with expired certificate


I’ve got a free Comodo email certificate. I have a draft email message that was encrypted with this but the certificate has just expired and now I get the message “Cannot open this item. Your Digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system.” when I try to open it in Outlook 2007.

I really need to be able to open and view the contents of this email.

I have had this sort of problem before, with an old Verisign certificate and other ones before that, where I was not able to create NEW messages with an out-of-date certificate. However I was always able to view OLD messages that were encrypted with those certificates. That makes sense to me, as there is no reason to prevent you viewing old messages, you just get a warning saying the cert is out-of-date.

However, it seems that things work differently with Comodo email certificates. The cert is still installed correctly - I can export it fine & I also still have the original PFX with the private and public keys. I have tried this on two separate machines which both worked fine until the cert expired. I also tried opening it in Outlook Express, but I get the same issue. It makes no sense to not be able to view the message.

I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how I can get to view this message. I only need to see the contents once and then I can copy them to a new email with a new certificate (which I have just got from Comodo).