Difficulty Enabling Remote Desktop

It appears that the method to use to enable the comodo firewall to allow an RDC connection from within the network is to enable (no idea how to do that) OR is it to go to the My Port Sets and open 3389 (doesn’t seem like a good idea cuz then anyone could remote in) OR, is it to totally trust my local network (might work if I were on the wire, but I’m on the wireless and the domain is configured in a different subnet) SOOO, what is the solution? COMODO should have a wizard that says “Enable Remote Desktop”. One user said turn it on and off (what ever it is) when you need it. Right - I need it whenever I need to login which is, gee, that could be anytime, anywhere. Might as well just turn the firewall off and use the windows firewall which does allow remote desktop once it is configured.

I don’t quite understand the point of making it so impossible to either A: easily configure remote desktop (which I haven’t figured out yet) or B: list a step by step (with screen shots) somewhere on the site that explains EXACTLY what needs doing.

No wonder people hate firewalls. They are written so that the average JOE hasn’t a chance of figuring out how to enable them. Write a rule, okay, I am writing the rule “Let me in from the domain via remote desktop” OK, that didn’t work. But I did write the rule - it is there in plain site - so, what did I do wrong?