Difficulties with language

I installed “Comodo Antivirus for Mac” two weeks ago. It works like it should do, with one exception: it doesn`t show me the selected language. I have tried several times to switch to the german language, but the result is always “French”. A friend of mine has the same problem: He has chosen the Swedish language, but he always gets “Spanish”.

I have sent a message to the support, but so far received no response. Does anyone have an idea?
( I am using a Mac 10.6.8 with a 32-bit processor )

I have got no answer till today. What a pity!

Especially the friend of mine, who doesn`t speak English and who is reliant on the Swedish or German language, will have to uninstall ‘comodo’ without an early answer. :frowning:


I’ve reported this issue over a year ago. (Look there for the solution)

Comodo Antivirus for Mac seems to be unmaintained and therefore, I recommend to not use it anymore.

Hello BigMike,

Thanks a lot for your advice. It was extremely useful. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, the Comodo Support has sent me a message which says that "we have escalated this issue to our developers to get it fixed in future releases of the product. "

So, there`s something to look forward to.