Difficulties with CAV


I tried CAV but was not able to use it due to the following reasons.

a) during installation, when it is cataloging, it looks at every drive, including mapped drives. It should not do that. Users should be able to select which drives to look at. I have several mapped drives and when it got to them, it slowed to a crawl. There is no need for it to scan drives on other computers, or drives void of any applications. And no, it is not reasonable to expect users to disconnect all their mapped drives prior to installation.

b) Almost every time I check my mail in Outlook, I get connection errors and other related problems because CAV is interfering too much (only with CAV loaded).

c) When CAV does find a virus when checking mail, Outlook seizes up for far too long while CAV takes its time doing whatever it does. Other antivirus programs are quickly able to quarantine or delete the file without noticeable delay

d) My VOIP application X-Lite is incompatible with CAV (it crashes when a call is initiated).


The latest version has the option of not scanning drives.

Are you using exchange server with Outlook. If so CAVS will not scan your emails.
Are you using comodo firewall? If so and you are not using exchange server with Outlook then you should make sure you go to thge firewall settings and ‘skip advanced security checks’ for the CAVs email scanner.

I use CAVS with Outlook and have no problems.


I am not using Exchange. I am using standard pop3.

Are you using Comodo Firewall?

If so, have you ticked’skip advanced security checks’ and ‘allow invisible connection attempts’ for the CAVS email scanner in the firewall application monitor?

I find unless I have these boxes ticked I can’t scan my outlook emails,


I have just installed CAV and am having difficulties with e-mail scanning. It does not appear to be working inspite of setting everything up correctly taking note of remarks in this string. I am using Microsoft Outlook (Office 2003).

When I first installed it I was using a product called Mailwasher to filter out spam and the email scanner appeared to work. I have uninstalled that product and installed COMODO Anti Spam. Now email scanner appears not to work anymore. I am not geting the mail in and out progress icons nor the e-mail signatures (which I have ticked in the Email scanner advanced settings).

Can anyone help me please!!!

Are you using POP3 for email or micrsoft exchange server? CAVS email scanner will not work with exchange server.



No, I am not using Exchange. I am using POP3