Differential Restore

I wrote about this some months ago where version 4.1 was not properly restoring differential backups. It seemed that files showed up in the restore panels for a differential backup were not actually on the differential backup but only on the parent (full backup). The end result of the restore operation was a zero byte file to the restore location.

I was assured this would be fixed in the next release. Now, CB has been released and nothing has changed. Files not backed up in the differential are showing in the navigation panels for a restore. Only difference is that after the restore operation, the restore location does not contain the restored file, not event a zero-byte version!

What gives? I use a Powershell script to create a daily CBS file and the backups run fine. It is only restore operations I can’t trust.

I’m using Win7 Pro and have Comodo Backup installed to a user folder and not the C drive default folder.


We are still investigating this issue. A fix will be provided in the future releases of COMODO BackUp.

Thank you for your support!