Different Tray Icon?

This is likely a very odd question, and perhaps I’m imagining things, but I don’t remember the tray icon looking like this with the flames in the background (see attatched). I seem to recall it being the plain white “shield”, but obviously I haven’t been paying too much attention to it.

Am I imagining things or has the icon actually gone and changed on me for some reason? Thanks.

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I don’t have flames :-\

It’s a very old issue. Are you using CFP ?

This could be an indication that updates are available, have you checked to see what version you are running and if any updates are available?

Look under Miscellaneous->

Also this may have a solution, depending on Operating system…



Well, a simple restart gave me the old icon back. I don’t use the tray animations/arrows for traffic, so I have no idea if they’re working or not. But I’d still like to known what caused it in the first place, and more importantly, if it’s an indication of any flaws with the actual security of the program.

At the time that I noticed it, it was after an upgrade and modem reset from my ISP’s side and during a period where I had two external hard drives connected and transferring files (one of which was using two USB ports). I’m not sure if any of that could have any bearing on my problem.

I’m using CIS with the Firewall as a stand-alone.

Updates are not available.

I’m reading that thread as I type this to see if anything seems familiar.

Well, that thread gave me another theory. As this was all occurring, I noticed that I had two instances of explorer.exe running. My system was clean (at least as far as a quick active process scan with Avira went), so after a restart I had only one explorer process and my normal tray icon. Maybe the issue was related somehow?