different Icon

I just installed Comodo pro firewall on my backup computer, and noticed the comodo firewall Icon is different to the comodo Icon I have on my other pc which is a white shield, this one I’ve just installed is a blue shield with fire flames on the left hand side of the shield, is this the new version?

Sounds like it could be v2.4, but if you double-click on the icon and open the application you should easily be able to check which version it is.

Yes its version I like the other one better can I just download the 3 version? or do have to uninstall version 2 first

You should uninstall v2.4 before installing v3.0. The way v3.0 works is completely different from v2.4, so unfortunately you will lose your v2.4 settings as they can’t be migrated across to v3.0.

Just in case you’re not aware of the differences, the system of application parent and component control used in v2.4 is not present in v3.0. Leak protection in v3.0 is handled using a HIPS (Host(-based) Intrusion Prevention System) module called Defense+.

Hope this helps.