Difference Security Essentials and Secure Shopping? And what about Dragon?

Hi guys and girls.
loyal to Comodo since years I am installing it on my new Yoga 730, instead of the preinstalled McAfee.
I notice that I am given the option to choose if I want the Comodo Dragon Browser, The Security Essentials, and the Secure Shopping.
At a first glance it seems that the SE does pretty much the same of the SS, or better said, the SS also protects from Man in the middle?
Now, I dont use Internet Explorer (btw, isnt it now called Edge? Or does that mean that SE doesnt work on Edge either?).
I use Firefox and Chrome and always install both.
I am wondering if Dragon and Icedragon also protect from Man in the middle (I read that Dragon also analyze SSL certificates).
In which case, if I install Icedragon and Dragon, do I need Secure Shopping?

Internet Security Essential will also protect, but you can choose between internet secury essential and security shopping

Edge has not yet been added or integrated to contention, virtual desktop and security shopping
Security Shopping protect your access to stores, emails … against keyloggers screenloggers … comodo dragon and comodo icedragon are excellent browsers. :-TU