Difference Dragon and Icedragon? And Secure Shopping?

Hi guys ad girls, I generally have Firefox and Chrome in my laptops and now that I got a new one and I am installing all the basic stuff, I am thinking to have Icedragon and Dragon instead.
I just wish to understand if they offer the same security features, and if those features include those offered by Secure Shopping (in which case I wont install that program).

Btw, can Icedragon completely substitute Firefox and Dragon completely substitute Chrome, or will there be things which I will need Firefox and Chrome for them to work properly?

Hi Sergioo!

Thank you for your feedback!

Our products are based on Firefox and Chromium so nothing will be missing if you make the switch to our products. Our products have a lot of privacy features and security features that neither Firefox or Chrome have. In both browsers(if you choose so) you will use our own DNS, so many known phishing websites will be blocked when you’ll access, we have an option to hide your activity on the web from the sites that you visit(your ISP will still be able to track your activities).

The Comodo Browsers Team

Thank you.
And could you please compare the two of them? Do they offer the exact same security features, ssl certificate control etc?
And, do they include the features of the Secure Shipping? If so, I would prefer to not install that one.


Dragon has more privacy and security features than IceDragon and the Secure Shopping is a feature provided by Comodo Antivirus, not by the browsers. Secure shopping can be also installed with the browsers if you install Comodo Cloud AntiVirus.

The Comodo Browsers Team