difference between ivault and keepass pasword manager


What is the difference between ivault and keepass password manager? I like keepass pasword manager, but is ivault in a way better??? What extra stuff does it give? Where is your personal data storaged? Does anything being storaged online? on comodo servers? or is this a stand alone program like keepass?

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* Instantly login to your favorite websites and applications
* Speed up surfing - No more forgotten passwords
* Single point of storage for all your confidential information
* 256 bit encryption of credit card and bank account details
* Secure Password Generator instantly creates complex passwords
* Supports multiple users on a single machine
* Anti Keylogging feature- stop hackers monitoring your personal data
* 'Drag 'n' drop' interface -Windows ease of use

Also FREE :slight_smile:


Does this single point mean the pc or a server with reserved storage somewhere on the internet that you can acces through a browser session???

No, it is referring to the PC you are running IVault on.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Thank you verry much, maybe I give it a try!

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