Difference between disk shield and Comodo backup

I been searching around the forum to understand more about comodos products. I am a bit confused. Please help me clarify this. Disk shield is formerly known as time machine? It is a not released product that will be released sometime soon. It will take an image of your computer so you can put your computer back to a previously state. (norton ghost, acronis trueimage??)

Comodo backup in the other hand, is a online backup solution that takes a backup of your files(pictures etc) and store them at comodos safe servers. (carbonite online backup, mozy backup, idrive??)

Am I totally lost or in to something? ???

Diskshield will be released as Time Machine in the upcoming CIS 4. It is the equivalent of the snapshot in virtual machines or System Restore, with I hope loads more options. It is not an imaging software.

My understanding is that Comodo Backup will be an imaging software as well as a file backup

Hope I am right…

Firstly, DiskShield is a discontinued product. It is not in development and it should not be used.

The functionality provided by DiskShield is included in the soon to be released Comodo Time Machine (CTM), but is far more refined and far more powerful. CTM is not a disk or file system imaging application. It is more like a system snapshot application. Returnil is a similar type of product.

Comodo Backup V2 is a combination file backup utility, registry backup utility and a disk/partition imaging utility. It can also backup other settings (email, MSN etc.)

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes it help me undertand the difference! Thanks! :-TU

Imaging software still has it’s place,for example in the event of hard drive failure and re-imaging to a new disk.