Did you find CVA usefull?


The more I use Secunia’s PSI, the more I would like COMODO to continue development on CVA. This tool (Secunia PSI) is a must have for me now and also on other users computers I work on. I only wish that COMODO can (one day) continue work on this usefull security tool. Please show your appreciation and vote.


+1 :-TU

As it’s becoming more and more important to keep your software and plugin’s up2date the need for this kind of software is getting higher and higher, there could also be some kind of “basic security checks” build in also like the MSBA does.

+1 and make a portable version. This way techs could use it as an in-field tool for diagnostics.

Hi Panic

Having posted this question myself, Umesh mentioned that CVA was already portable. See link below:-



Hi Ronny

Thanks for bringing MSBA to my attention :). Had heard of MSBA a while back but didn’t realise there was a GUI for it.


+1 on portable :-TU

Doesn’t work “offline” tough, it needs a connection to the net…
I’m not going to hook up a suspicious system to the net unless i know what baddies are running on it…

Maybe it could save a set of “to be compared hashes” which you can check on an other system :slight_smile:


This piece of software was the most useful ever. I can’t believe you’re going to discontinue it. :o

Apart from Secunia PSI, is there any other software out there that is similar to what CVA did?


You can use SUMO, but make sure you use the “RT” Version red circle the “light” version.

The others contain ad supported features…


Very small, simple and portable. A no-nonsense program.

Creating the list of apps you want to have checked for updates takes some time, but after that it’s a breeze.

Hi Ronny and Toxteth

Thanks for your replies :). I had forgotton about my post, hence the late reply. I will check both these out.


No prob Graham, there is more to life than forums :wink: