Did install CTM but tells me it's missing a component, can also not uninstall

Did install CTM C2 but tells me it’s missing a critical subsystem, can also not uninstall!

Need help badly.

Windows XP SP3

Hi Eljo.
I added your MSN. And I PMed my contact info to you.
Please get in touch with me.
I will help you to resolve the problem.


Thank God for M$ System Recovery, I got it from my computer :-X

same here…
i had to restart vista sp1 to be able to uninstall but on booting i saw red screen sayin: installing.
it reached 85% and stopped
i hit ‘escape’ and now all I get is black screen saying ‘insert media to boot from’
ok, inserted my recovery that I made with macrium… but now i cannot see anything but C: and that’s umm empty…

any solution guys?

I managed to restore windows.
I also lost all of my files.
Thank you.