Did I just purge (Delete) my system files?

I just updated Comodo to 3.0 and rebooted. I just use it for the firewall (L) , and love it ever since I discovered it a year or two ago. I am tired of seeing anything to do with ‘Proactiva Defense’ and thought I would tidy up that part of the main interface by addressing the problems its talking about.
Proactive Defense is set to disabled always (its always asking about something or other to allow).

Here’s my problem and question:
I clicked on the link beside "### file (s) are WAITING FOR YOUR REVIEW
I see this massive list of 300-500+ files and I hate seeing Comodo having problems with my OS. I click ‘Purge’ thinking this command must be the one to make all the stupid items in the list go away in one-click.
After waiting almost a minute for everything to remove, I am second guessing and wondering if I mistakenly deleted vital parts of my OS and see my other OS on another drive letter had items listed.

Please advise!


EDITED: Spellcheck

Those files aren’t files removed from your hard drive. Those files is a way of Comodo asking you if they are safe. They are just references of the file but not the file itself. Read the help file system under Miscellaneous to better under things. Better yet put D+ in safe mode then you dont get that problem.

The help file will help clear up what the functions do.

Brief: Purge basically checks all the files in the pending folder to make sure their still there. Any file that no longer exists are removed from the pending folder, so you don’t waste your time making decisions on them. Basically, no you didn’t delete those files with purge, they were already gone before you hit that button and the purge function just got rid of them from the list.