Did Comodo anti virus really delete a malicious file received via e-mail?

Yesterday, I received an unusual e-mail telling me that UPS would deliver a package. There was a file attached that was to tell me more information. When I clicked on this file, Comodo instantly told me that the file was malicious and had been automatically quarantined. Suddenly, I realized my mistake. I have heard that attachments to innocent looking e-mails, specifically e-mails that look like they were sent by UPS, were a favourite way for hackers to take control of you computer. Right now I feel a bit dumb for being duped.

I looked in the quarantine but there was no record of a file being isolated there. When I looked at the logs, there was no mention of this incident. So now I am concerned that although this file was detected, it some how evaded the virus scanner and continues to operate on my system.

Today, I receive another e-mail telling me that I have received a speeding ticket in the state of New York. Even though I have never been there! There is a zip file attachment to this e-mail which I of course have not opened.

My question is: what to do now? Is there any chance that this file has evaded Comodo anti virus? Should I use Windows’ system restore to go back to a time before the file was received? Does the second “funny” e-mail have anything to do with the first? Should I just reformat and restore Windows on this computer?

Advice gratefully accepted.

Just let CIS scan for viruses to be sure you did not get infected. But I don’t think you got infected. Or do a quick check by looking in the Active Processes list (View Active Processes in the D+ screen).

I got that speeding ticket email too as and I live in the Netherlands… :smiley: Gotta love that… I also got that UPS mail very recently.

These mails are more than likely unrelated. The only thing they have in common is social engineering as an attack vector.