Diagnostic found errs - can I post report?

Under Misc, I ran Diagnositics. It reported Diagnostic found errs, asked if I wanted to fix, I said yes, it said it couldn’t fix, did I want report, I made a report.

I don’t know how to interpret report. Can I post it here and get guidance?

Hi raymm,

The Diagnostics under Miscellaneous belongs to Comodo Firewall (CFP)
You posted into Comodo Memory Firewall (CMF) section of the forum.
Those are separate products.
CMF developed for detection and prevention of Buffer-Overflow Attacks.
In the future release CMF will be integrated into CFP.

Sure you may get the answer from developers here, but probably you may consider to post into firewall section of CIS.
It may happen though that moderators will consider moving the request

My regards